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How to Manage Your Instagram Account without a Smart Phone

Instamate Software for Instagram

Instamate is the first ever computer-based and fully automated Instagram marketing software.

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This is unlike anything else that’s out there… We’ve seen a lot of Facebook marketing apps that will help you go viral, schedule, publish and promote posts, get more traffic, leads and sales, but never has there been something like that for Instagram.

That’s because Instagram is a 100% mobile-based app, so nothing could be done about it UNTIL now… InstaMate changes the game.

InstaMate will:

  • help you go viral on Instagram
  • grow your Fan base on Instagram
  • help you find engaging content and schedule it on autopilot
  • boost your posts and get likes to your post
  • allow you to drive traffic from Instagram to any place you want
  • allow you to collect highly qualified leads on Instagram
  • allow you to sell your physical products on Instagram
  • allow you to promote CPA & affiliate offers on Instagram and get paid big time
  • And, it will work directly from your Desktop Computer (Mac/Windows/Web)

Grab it here:  Instamate

There are a ton of Instamate users who are reporting over $12,000 in profits within their first month, some have already gone ahead to acquire over 15,000 followers within their first month who keep buying stuff over and over again.


  • Instagram Image Editor – Take a close look at the image editor upgrade, it’ll let you instantly create unlimited amounts of 100% unique content. (Highly Recommend)
  • Instamate VIP Training – 6-figure earning training system where you also get a sneak peek at 6-figure Instagram pages. (Highly Recommend)
  • Instamate Link Cloaker – Allows you to update and monetize ads with affiliate links or any links you want. (Highly Recommend)
  • Agency License – 30 key accounts (Buy if you have more than 3 Instagram accounts)


  • Bonus 1 – 3 Instamate Accounts for the Price of 1 – Lifetime access to grow multiple 6-figure fan pages at ONCE.
  • Bonus 2 – FB VIP Training Course by 6-Figure Instagram Earner – Interact with the mentors and others who are making it big.
  • Bonus 3 – Instamate Twitter Module – advanced Twitter tag trending module.
  • Bonus 4 – Socialite EYE Software – Get thousands of local leads in any niche with the click of a button.

This software is a dream come true for many who have wanted to manage their Instagram accounts from their desktop. Plus, being able to edit images with watermarks and calls to action is also a much-needed feature. I purchased Instamate, the Image Editor, the Link Cloaker, and the VIP training.

I have reviewed them all and can highly recommend them as very valuable tools for any online business!

Exclusive for this launch, you can get in for a low one-time fee,­ but the price jumps daily.

Grab it here:  Instamate





Commercial Disclaimer: If you purchase anything through a link in this post, you should assume that I have an affiliate relationship with the company providing the product or service that you purchase, and that I will be paid in some way. I recommend that you do your own independent research before purchasing anything.

Facebook for Business

Increase your profits with expert Facebook marketing training.

Facebook for Business e-Course
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Facebook for Business is a comprehensive e-course that shows you how to set up your business on Facebook.  It gives you step-by-step instructions on monetizing your page and maximizing profits.

=>>> Facebook for Business

What You’ll Learn:

  • How to optimize your page for Search Engines and get free traffic.
  • How to drive traffic by making status updates, posting pictures and videos, and more.
  • How to use iFrame pages properly (a MUST when creating a Facebook page).
  • How to understand Facebook analytics and make it work for you.
  • Easy ways to get MORE targeted followers and turn them into paying customers.
  • Best ways to monetize your Facebook page to INCREASE your profits.
  • Advanced business options like Facebook apps and more…

Check It Out Now:   Facebook for Business

What You Get:

The main product includes the”Facebook For Business” e-course. 

Get it here:  Facebook for Business


You get 3 bonus reports:

  • Advertising on Facebook
  • Facebook for Cash
  • Facebook Checklist




Facebook for Business is everything you need to properly set up your business on Facebook and increase your profits.

Get started now:  Facebook for Business

Social Post Box

All-in-One Facebook marketing and management desktop software.

social post box software



Social Post Box is an All-in-One Facebook Marketing and Management Desktop Software that has all the features you need to grow your business and increase profits.


  • Get Facebook notifications directly on your desktop which allows you to respond instantly to page, post, and group engagements
  • Retrieve all your posts with a click of the mouse
  • Like and comment on posts from your desktop
  • Add images, videos, and smileys to your posts

Plus a lot of other features that you can find on their website…

Check It Out Now:   Social Post Box

What You Get

The main product includes the All-in-One Facebook Management and Marketing Desktop Software for a one-time payment (no recurring monthly charges).

Note:  It is a PC-based Windows application. It will run on Mac, but you will need to be running parallels.

Get it here:  Social Post Box


The upsell  includes 3 additional features:

  • Quick Facebook Ads Maker–a simple drag-and-drop ad creator that includes lots of backgrounds, banners, buttons, emblems, and the capability of importing your own images.
  • Post Scheduler– Schedules your content to be posted on Facebook at a time and date you specify.
  • Facebook Insights–collects important data to determine engagement of your posts, such as number of likes, shares, comments, and people reached.

The second upsell allows you to purchase complete resell rights on the software.


Social Post Box is a fully featured marketing tool.  No matter how you plan to drive traffic from Facebook, you can easily run your entire campaign right from your desktop using this software.

Get started now:  Social Post Box

[Pinterest Avalanche] A Comprehensive Pinterest Course

The Master Pinner's Guide to Getting an Avalanche of Followers

Pinterest Training Course

Pinterest Avalanche is the most comprehensive Pinterest guide & training I have seen to date. And the bonuses are awesome too!

Here’s an overview of what the training covers:

  • How to best position yourself for success using Pinterest
  • The top ten niches for Pinterest marketing (a huge time saver)
  • How to get invited to “secret” groups
  • The type of images that gets the most repins
  • Tips on how to keep your account(s) safe & from getting banned

Here’s what you’ll get when you purchase:

  1. Pinterest Avalanche Main eBook Course (81-Page PDF)
  2. List of 307 Pinterest Group Boards by Category (Spreadsheet) plus Instruction eBook on how to join those group boards (PDF)
  3. Visual step-by-step course on How to Create a Pinterest Business Account (PDF)
  4. 217 Quotes Images you can share as your own on PINTEREST and FACEBOOK (JPEG Images)

I highly recommended this course for the newbie and casual Pinterest marketer alike. Even advanced marketers will pick up a thing or two in the advanced marketing section. In section 5, there’s a list of helpful tools to accelerate your progress.

Grab it now – you will be glad you did!


WordPress Plugins Turns Your Images into Social Sharing Magnets

Pulse Hover Cover



PulseHover is a WordPress plugin that creates attractive hover effects on images in your posts with a viral social twist.

If you’re not already using images on ALL of your blog posts, consider these stats:

  • 93 percent of viral traffic on the internet comes from IMAGES shared on social sites
  • Pinterest, an IMAGE sharing site, is the second largest social network
  • On Facebook, more than 50 million IMAGES are being shared every day
    • Almost 98% of these IMAGES are being shared from websites
      • These sites combined are getting an average of 10 billion unique visitors per day

Wouldn’t it be great to get some of that traffic, just by adding images to the mix:  images that have a special effect added to them that makes it irresistible for visitors to share them on their favorite social sites?

PPulse Hover CoverulseHover does that very thing.  It uses a NEW and unique method for grabbing your visitors attention and inspiring them to share your content.

Watch the video above to see this in action and fully appreciate its value and uniqueness.

Did you see the psychology used with the polite and inviting “pattern interrupt” along with the stunning “call to action” graphics? Pretty awesome, right?

Look at what this plugin provides you with:

  • A Unique Pattern Interrupt Never Seen Before
  • Multiple Influential Call-to-Action Opportunities
  • The Option of  Connecting Your Call-to-Action Button with Any URL
  • Free Traffic Boosting Opportunities
  • Maximizing Images on Your Site
  • Sending Visitors To An Affiliate Promotion
  • Sending Prospects Directly To Your Amazon Product
  • Sending  Prospects To Your New Kindle Book
  • Sending Prospects To a Customer Offer
  • Redirecting to Your Opt-in or Squeeze Page

Check it out here:  ====> PulseHover

The plugin is also highly customizable.  You get a set of features to suit your site and your style, including:

  • Choice Of Graphics
  • Preset Image Hovers
  • Uploading Your Own Backgrounds
  • Uploading Your Own Icons
  • Uploading Your Own Buttons
  • Adding Your Own Buttons For Your Niche
  • Adding Affiliate Banners – including animated
  • Adding Buy Buttons
  • Social Sharing Calls to Action
  • Social Followers Calls to Action

====> PulseHover

You’d expect this plugin to cost a lot but even with a full developer’s  license, it’s currently being
offered to you at a very appealing price.  There’s an option to purchase 1500 professional designed graphics also.

pulsehover bonus imageIf you purchase through my link, you’ll get a bonus graphics pack that includes 60 Social Network Icons for Facebook, Google Plus, Pinterest, Twitter, Tumblr, and LinkedIn. The Bonus will be available for immediate download after purchase.

Go check it out now while PulseHover is still available at the low introductory price.

====> PulseHover



Meme Generator

Transform any WordPress site into a funny blog with user-generated content.

meme generator



“An internet meme is a piece of content or an idea that’s passed from person to person, changing and evolving along the way,” according to the Know Your Meme website.

Have you seen such a recurring online image? Does the image make you laugh? If so, you’ve likely spotted an internet meme.

We all know that laughter can be very contagious. This is the magic ingredient that make internet Memes go viral. People get a laugh and instantly feel compelled to share the Meme laughter with others on social sites, email, or mobile.

The neat thing about Memes is that anyone can make them. There are thousands of Memes online and their popularity is growing exponentially, especially on social media sites such as Facebook and Pinterest. Heck, the next hottest Meme could come from you!

Introducing . . .

Meme Generator for WordPress. It is a premium plugin that allows you to transform any WordPress site into a funny blog with user-generated content. When you add user-generated content to a site, you can drive viral traffic. More traffic equals more money.

Check it out here:  Meme Generator

You have the option to purchase a single, multi, or developer site license. You will also have the opportunity to purchase Meme Press. It is a premium theme that has been designed to help you get the most out of Meme Generator.

You can now have a website just like other popular Meme Generator sites out there in just a matter of minutes!

====> Meme Generator


Social Signal Domination

For Increased Rankings, Opt-ins, and Profits!

social media domination
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Social Signal Domination is a new course that reveals an easy way to get social signals from a relatively unknown social media network that will bring you short- and long-term traffic for FREE.

What’s this new social network all about?

First, you have to sign up for your free account, and then add your social networks, like Twitter, Facebook (Fan Page and Profile), LinkedIn, YouTube, and Flickr.

You earn virtual credits, or money through a number of different means. You use this money to “buy” virtual shares in users like in a real-world stock exchange, and others buy virtual shares in you. Having virtual shares entitles you to receive ‘dividends’ in virtual currency from a profile’s virtual earnings.

You can host a mission for other users to complete. Hosting a mission costs you money. But in this mission, you basically pay other users to do a social network-related task for you. For instance, you may offer to pay:

  • 5,000 credits to like your Facebook Page
  • 3,000 credits to watch your video and comment on it
  • 10,000 credits to go to your Google Plus Page and +1 at least 3 Comments
  • 5,000 credits to subscribe to your list on a squeeze page and get a free report

You can also promote products with this game. You can create a mission where people need to watch a video to get 5,000 credits. You send them to a sales video for a type of product/ software that they would be interested in.

There’s a lot you can do on this site to get free traffic and this is where Social Signal Domination comes into play.

It shows you how to:

  • Use the site properly to drive traffic to your site while creating real social signals that Google uses to rank your sites higher in the search engines.
  • Get lots of people with REAL social media accounts to like your pages, comment on your posts, view your Youtube videos and more, all resulting in a ton of social signals.

You get a step-by-step action plan so you can get the same incredible results that are included in the case studies that come with the product.  There is also an option to get software to automate it all and get access to a Facebook Mastermind Group for real-time tips and advice.

Check it out here:  Social Signal Domination

This is evergreen information and will work in absolutely any niche. Note too that this is also used by AT&T, Intel, Rackspace, Toyota, GNC, and other big players.

You also get these Bonuses:

  • Video SEO FireStorm
  • Instant Tube Money
  • Penguinizer XP
  • Penguinizer Video Training
  • Lazy Google Dominator
  • Rotation Genie
  • Fan Page List Builder

Bonuses will be available on the download page after purchase, so there is no need to send an email for access.  :)

Promote Me Pro

How to Attract Thousands of Social Media Visitors to Your Site Automatically!

Promote Me Pro WM


Promote Me Pro

I’m sure if you’ve been using Pinterest for any length of time that you’ve run across sites like Pingraphy that offer a way to drip-feed your pins to Pinterest.

It had its issues but it was a viable option, especially since it was FREE. The free option has now been replaced with monthly payment options – $19/mo to post 100 pins or $28/mo to post unlimited pins. The pricing plans really aren’t that attractive.

I’ve search the Internet over and really couldn’t find a way to drip-feed content in the way that I wanted to, at a reasonable price. The only site I found that does this for free is:


The site is not very intuitive or organized, so, while I set up an account, I’m really not inclined to use it… at least not until they improve upon it.

There definitely is a need in the marketplace for a tool that provides this kind of automated drip-feed type of service in a way that is more automated and intuitive.

Promote Me Pro provides that function and more. I’ve been playing around with it for the past few days and I am impressed. It’s fairly easy to set up and there is video training that guides you every step of the way. Not only does it provide automated pinning and drip-feeding to Pinterest, but you can also post to Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and LinkedIn automatically as well.


It is the most powerful plugin I’ve seen for social media automation, as it:

  • Allows you to have FULL CONTROL of all of your Social Marketing campaigns
  • BROADCASTS your expert AUTHORITY all across the Internet
  • Creates Recurring, Scheduled, and Broadcast Campaigns
  • Taps into Billions of customers on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and  Pinterest on 100% Autopilot
  • Generates MASSIVE amounts of Traffic, Leads, and NEW customers
  • Creates compelling Social Media campaigns INSTANTLY
  •  Expands and LOCKS IN your customer base for GOOD
  • Allows you to Automatically DOMINATE all of your chosen markets

You can learn how to capture the ENTIRE social universe in a short exciting video…

Watch it now at:

There is no membership fee associated with this product, you just pay one-time for the WordPress plugin. You have a choice of a PRO plugin (10 sites) and there’s an upgrade to a Developer’s version (unlimited sites & client sites). There’s also an OTO for another plugin and an IM coaching membership. He also offers $788 worth of bonuses.

Put the power of the ECHO in your corner with this POWERHOUSE plugin that takes every visitor and allows them to sing your site’s praises automatically and generate extra traffic. Not only that, you reward sites that send you traffic, making their links even more powerful… all with one simple little plugin that works 24/7. Promote Me Pro does it all where social media is concerned!
PAID ENDORSEMENT DISCLOSURE: In order for me to support my blogging activities, I may receive monetary compensation or other types of remuneration for my endorsement, recommendation, testimonial and/or link to any products or services from this blog.