Instant Social Image

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Instant Social Image offers an incredibly simple and fast way for you to create stunning, sharable images right from your WordPress dashboard.

Check it out now:  Instant Social Image


  • One-click installation so you’ll be up and running fast – no complex settings or arcane functions to learn.
  • Easy access within your post editor – no extra software to launch or websites to log into.
  • Built-in royalty free backgrounds so you can instantly create graphics on-the-fly.
  • Ability to upload your own background images for total control over the look and feel of your site.
  • 10 font choices give your social-friendly graphics the exact look you want.
  • Automatic uploading of finished images to both your post and your media folder, so you can use them again and again and you’ll always know where they are.
  • Unlimited color choices to match the style of any blog.
  • Automatic branding with your blog name for better reach and influence.
  • Point-and-click text alignment – no more fiddling with cryptic controls.
  • Easy line-break controls let you place text exactly where you want it.
  • Independent controls for text and branding ensure your social images convey your message clearly while still maintaining your brand.
  • Instant previews to ensure your images looks right before it appears on your post.
  • Easy to use on both posts and pages.

See the demo:  Instant Social Image


  • The WordPress plugin with easy one-click installation.
  • 4 built-in image backgrounds plus 10 beautiful fonts.
  • Easy-to-use image editor with point-and-click controls.
  • Endless color options to match any theme.

A developer’s license is included!  That means you can use it on unlimited personal and client domains.



Get it here:  Instant Social Image


You no longer have to have a degree in design and a PhD in Photoshop to create visually-engaging and graphics for your blog.  Instant Social Image quickly and easily creates social-friendly images directly from your WordPress blog.

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Facebook for Business

Increase your profits with expert Facebook marketing training.

Facebook for Business e-Course
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Facebook for Business is a comprehensive e-course that shows you how to set up your business on Facebook.  It gives you step-by-step instructions on monetizing your page and maximizing profits.

=>>> Facebook for Business

What You’ll Learn:

  • How to optimize your page for Search Engines and get free traffic.
  • How to drive traffic by making status updates, posting pictures and videos, and more.
  • How to use iFrame pages properly (a MUST when creating a Facebook page).
  • How to understand Facebook analytics and make it work for you.
  • Easy ways to get MORE targeted followers and turn them into paying customers.
  • Best ways to monetize your Facebook page to INCREASE your profits.
  • Advanced business options like Facebook apps and more…

Check It Out Now:   Facebook for Business

What You Get:

The main product includes the”Facebook For Business” e-course. 

Get it here:  Facebook for Business


You get 3 bonus reports:

  • Advertising on Facebook
  • Facebook for Cash
  • Facebook Checklist




Facebook for Business is everything you need to properly set up your business on Facebook and increase your profits.

Get started now:  Facebook for Business

Blog Fresh 2.0

blog fresh



Blog Fresh Power 2.0 is a very powerful WordPress plugin that allows you to automatically repurpose and update your old blog posts. It not only updates the posting date of blog posts, there’s also an option to add videos as well as article snippets. This all happens with just a few clicks of your mouse.

Check it out now:  Blog Fresh Power 2.0


  • Updates all old blog posts at once, adds content and value to older posts AUTOMATICALLY so you don’t have to waste time and money doing it yourself!
  • Seamlessly updates all posts in any category you specify at ONCE! (A HUGE time saver)
  • Keeps your blog fresh and updated, posts rank better than before instead of lowering in SERPs (search engine ranking position)
  • Get FULL update reports with our easily manageable activity log table

– and much much more…

What You Get

You get the Blog Fresh Power 2.0 Lite Version plugin.  This is licensed for unlimited sites that you own.


The one-time offer is an upgrade to Blog Fresh Power 2.0 PRO Version, which gives you a developer’s license and allows you to install the plugin on client sites too.

Get it here:  Blog Fresh Power 2.0


Blog Fresh Power 2.0 takes full advantage of the Google Freshness Update and allows you to increase your profits, obtain higher rankings, get more traffic, all with just a few simple steps.


Social Post Box

All-in-One Facebook marketing and management desktop software.

social post box software



Social Post Box is an All-in-One Facebook Marketing and Management Desktop Software that has all the features you need to grow your business and increase profits.


  • Get Facebook notifications directly on your desktop which allows you to respond instantly to page, post, and group engagements
  • Retrieve all your posts with a click of the mouse
  • Like and comment on posts from your desktop
  • Add images, videos, and smileys to your posts

Plus a lot of other features that you can find on their website…

Check It Out Now:   Social Post Box

What You Get

The main product includes the All-in-One Facebook Management and Marketing Desktop Software for a one-time payment (no recurring monthly charges).

Note:  It is a PC-based Windows application. It will run on Mac, but you will need to be running parallels.

Get it here:  Social Post Box


The upsell  includes 3 additional features:

  • Quick Facebook Ads Maker–a simple drag-and-drop ad creator that includes lots of backgrounds, banners, buttons, emblems, and the capability of importing your own images.
  • Post Scheduler– Schedules your content to be posted on Facebook at a time and date you specify.
  • Facebook Insights–collects important data to determine engagement of your posts, such as number of likes, shares, comments, and people reached.

The second upsell allows you to purchase complete resell rights on the software.


Social Post Box is a fully featured marketing tool.  No matter how you plan to drive traffic from Facebook, you can easily run your entire campaign right from your desktop using this software.

Get started now:  Social Post Box

Mega Graphics Package

graphics, background images, royalty-free
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Mega Graphics Package contains 101 beautiful royalty-free background images you can use for:

  • Motivational Quotes
  • Memes
  • Facebook Timelines
  • Videos
  • Book Cover Art
  • e-Books
  • Reports

The possibilities are endless…

=>>> Mega Graphics Package


The main product includes 101 HD images each sized at 1280px X 720px and 72 ppi for web use. These images are royalty-free and are licensed for personal, commercial, and client use.  You just can’t resell them as is.

One-Time Offer (OTO)

The upsell offers you the whole “Kit and Kaboodle Graphics Pack” which includes 600+ images.

It includes 18 categories:

  • Alien(ish)
  • Arteriific
  • Bokeh
  • Brick and Formal Rock
  • Carbon and Plastic
  • Clean and Shiny
  • Electric Avenue
  • Fabric(y)
  • Grungy and Dull Metals
  • Lights and Glass
  • Miscellaneous
  • Mosaics and Stained Glass
  • Rock and Stone
  • Space and Sky
  • Spotlights
  • Stripes
  • Tech(ish)
  • Wood, Sand, and Water

    Direct Link to OTO =>>> Kit and Kaboodle Graphics Package


Quality royalty-free graphics are hard to find. Not only that, but these types of graphics you can repurpose and use over and over again. You are only limited by your imagination.

Download the Graphics Mega Pack Here =>>> Mega Graphics Package

FREE Graphics for Marketers, Designers, and Bloggers

graphics, freebie, marketing graphics
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Below is a collection of free graphics from Marketing Graphics Toolkit.  This site also offers paid* graphics.

How It Works:

  • Each link will take you to the landing page for that graphics package.
  • You will see a “download” button to directly download the package.
  • Each download is in a .ZIP file, which you will need to extract to use the graphics.

Note:  Some of these graphic files may become outdated or unlinked.

Download Links:

Free Hand Drawn SVG Graphics


3 Free Watch This Video Signs

Free Social Media Ribbons

3 Free Professional PSD Logo Templates

Free Photo Display Mockups

Free Hanging Signs

4 -3D eCovers

Photo Frames

Module Boxes

Metallic Layer Styles

3 Free Cartoon Headers

Premium Photo Frames

Small Web Buttons

3D Letters and Numbers

Free E-Commerce Icons

Free Premium Sticker Template

3 Infographic Inspired FB Timeline Covers

Event Themed PSD Flyer

Free Metallic Page Curls

3 Speaker Themed FB Timeline Covers

Free All Purpose PSD Flyer

5 Free Website Headers

Shelf Display

Safari Browser Mockups

Free Squared Ribbons

Free Desktop Items PSD

3 Free Vintage Headers

New Set of Guarantee Badges

Clean and Modern PSD Pricing Table (FREE)

6 Free Layer Styles

3 Free FB Timeline Covers

Free iPhone 5 PSD Mockup Template

3 Free PSD Headers

Clean and Colorful Web Buttons

Free Twitter Header Templates

Clean and Colorful Ribbons

Clean and Colorful Social Media Icons

Free Web Boxes

5 Free Facebook Timeline Covers

Abstract Background

New Abstract Background

New Abstract Background 2

5 Abstract Backgrounds

Free WSO Sales Page Template

5 Facebook Timeline Covers

Smart Phone Showcase Mockup 2

New Horizontal Lines

Chalkboard and Whiteboard Graphics

Updated Chalkboard

12 Free Layer Styles

Thumbs Up Ratings

Sale and Discount Tags

Folded Paper Graphics

Mobile and Computer Device Mockups

Top 10 Best Free Handwritten Fonts

Graphics Variety Pack

Website Bullets

2 PSD Badges

Social Media Buttons




*I may receive an affiliate commission for any paid graphics you purchase.


This list was curated from:  Hot Blog Tips

Vydeo Presenters – Girl Edition

vydeo presenters, video presenters, video, mascots



Vydeo Presenter – Girl Edition gives you a set of 5 girl presenter characters, with 5 outfits, and 5 poses. Each character can also be positioned left, right, or center screen.

Click here to see these characters in action:
=>>> Vydeo Presenter Girls

You Don’t Need ANY ANIMATION skills to create Vydeo Presenter Videos! Just open your favorite software and drop the characters in!

What Types of Videos Can You Make?

  • Sales Videos
  • Real Estate Tour Videos
  • Explainer Videos
  • Welcome Videos
  • Video Intro
  • Video Outro
  • Daily Tips Videos
  • About Me Videos
  • Product Explainer Videos
  • Promotional Videos
  • Testimonial Videos
  • Call To Action Videos

And So Many More …

What You Get:

The main product gives you access to 5 characters and 5 outfits, which include all animations for 5 poses each.

You also get 55 Non-Animated Transparent PNG Graphics For Each Character. You can use them in non-animated videos, flyers and promotional materials, product covers, and more.

Additionally, you get training on how to use the characters when creating videos in your favorite software like PowerPoint, Keynote, Camtasia Studio, etc., as well as newer software like Explaindio and Video Maker FX.

See It Now:  Vydeo Presenter Girls

There are two OTOs:

The first one gives you access to all the PSD source files for the characters, plus the PSD source files for an additional 6 character variations, plus an additional Doctor character and Dentist character.  Training for animating characters in Photoshop is also included.

The second one is a collection of 40 time-saving animated PPT swipe files for easily adding cool text effects. You also get some prerecorded audio sound bytes for fast, instant voice-over videos.


Whether you’re making video for your own online marketing or providing a video production service, Vydeo Presenters gives you  top-notch tools to grow your business with video and other multimedia.

Click here to get started right away:  Vydeo Presenter Girls

Graphic, Graphics, Graphics

Graphics, Photos, Images


You know that good graphics is critical for internet marketing, whether you’re using them on your website, blog, or social media account. Good graphics are powerful and can be used to increase conversions, sales, and traffic. But, finding good stock photos can be difficult and pricey.

So, I thought I would put together a list of the best photos, images, and graphics packages to make it easy to find that perfect graphic to suit your internet marketing needs.



Broad Brush Vector 528 Graphics Pack

Jack ‘n Jill Male/Female Mascots Graphics Pack

Weight Loss Niche Graphics Pack

Photos for Internet Marketing

Photo Traffic Power Book

Graphics Gems – 200+ Royalty-Free Graphics Sites

Make A Picture Calendar

Graphics Gems – 200+ Royalty-Free Graphics Sites

Animated 3-D Characters

3-D Characters MegaPack: Web & Marketing Graphics

3-D Props and Objects MegaPack: Royalty Free Graphics

3-D Animals MegaPack: Marketing & Web Graphics

Premium FB Graphics Kit 1

Premium FB Graphics Kit 2

Header Graphics BLOWOUT

You Tube One Channel Graphics

I will be adding to this list periodically, so check back frequently for any updates.

Use Photoshop Like a Pro

Photoshop for Marketers



Photoshop for Marketers is a special offer found on the Warrior Forum.  It is an easy-to-follow training guide that will help any aspiring marketer quickly gain knowledge of the needed tools and techniques of Photoshop. The content is high quality, very well written, and provides a great way for online entrepreneurs to get up to speed fast.

Click here to see the sales page:   Photoshop for Marketers

The author, Andrew Wiley (Photoshop veteran and marketing expert), pulls out and explains the relevant 10 percent of Photoshop skills needed for you to start creating your own profitable marketing campaigns immediately. There’s no need to learn everything in Photoshop to get started.

You get hundreds of tips and tricks that will save you tons of time and money. Andrew also has a page of fantastic resources you can use for extra tutorials, templates, and inspiration!

In the Guide, you will learn:

  • How to Master the 10 Percent of Photoshop that Every Marketer Needs
  • How to Set Up Photoshop to Make it Quick & Easy Navigate
  • The Secrets that Designers Use to Take a Boring Image and Make it POP… all with one click
  • How to Export Perfect Images Every Time that Download Lightning Fast
  • How to Use Automation to Save You Time and Money

Here’s what you get:

  • Photoshop for Marketers eBook
  • Cheat Sheet for easy reference
  • Workspace Script that organizes your workspace in Photoshop


  • Photoshop Cash Fountain – how to make money from your graphics
  • Photoshop Script Bonanza – actions scripts that allow you to easily create stickers, frames, retro photos, product boxes and more

‘Photoshop for Marketers’ is an invaluable training resource and will be a great asset for any online marketer.

Click here to buy:   Photoshop for Marketers

After purchase, you will also have the opportunity to buy the video course that visually walks you through all of the Photoshop techniques presented in the ebook.


Don’t have Photoshop?

Adobe has released the CS2 version of the ever popular Photoshop as freeware. It’s handy if all you need is a quick image editor. Photoshop CS2 will still do all the basic things, just not the new fancy smart ‘content aware‘ stuff.

Download for Windows:  Photoshop CS2
Serial number: 1045-1412-5685-1654-6343-1431

Download for Mac:  Photoshop CS2
Serial number: 1045-0410-5403-3188-5429-0639

Want some free graphics to get started? 

Click below to get a whole bunch of Headers, Footers, Backgrounds, and Order Buttons for you to use on your website!

====> PLR Graphics

Meme Generator

Transform any WordPress site into a funny blog with user-generated content.

meme generator



“An internet meme is a piece of content or an idea that’s passed from person to person, changing and evolving along the way,” according to the Know Your Meme website.

Have you seen such a recurring online image? Does the image make you laugh? If so, you’ve likely spotted an internet meme.

We all know that laughter can be very contagious. This is the magic ingredient that make internet Memes go viral. People get a laugh and instantly feel compelled to share the Meme laughter with others on social sites, email, or mobile.

The neat thing about Memes is that anyone can make them. There are thousands of Memes online and their popularity is growing exponentially, especially on social media sites such as Facebook and Pinterest. Heck, the next hottest Meme could come from you!

Introducing . . .

Meme Generator for WordPress. It is a premium plugin that allows you to transform any WordPress site into a funny blog with user-generated content. When you add user-generated content to a site, you can drive viral traffic. More traffic equals more money.

Check it out here:  Meme Generator

You have the option to purchase a single, multi, or developer site license. You will also have the opportunity to purchase Meme Press. It is a premium theme that has been designed to help you get the most out of Meme Generator.

You can now have a website just like other popular Meme Generator sites out there in just a matter of minutes!

====> Meme Generator


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